Monetize your Crypto or Bitcoin related website

Boost your revenue by placing relevant ads and professionally-written content on your website.

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Booming results with more than 400 Crypto Publishers


High commissions

Maximum rates on the market are ensured due to the top quality nature of the Crypto websites that are accepted to the network.


Easy to set up

Most of our advertising formats are implemented with one single unified code added to your website.


Fast payouts

Have your commission sent directly to the Bitcoin wallet or bank account of choice. You can request it any time you want!


Tons of active ads

No need to spend your time on selling ads, simply focus on your website development and let us take care the monetization question for you.

Fully-packed banner solution

With multiple banner formats on offer, it is easy to select and place suitable ads on your pages. Both desktop and mobile visitors will bring you profit based on the CPM model.

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Get content and profit at the same time

Help Cryptocurrency brands to spread the word about their services and receive a decent payment for each Press Release published. It is one of the fastest and safest ways to monetize your project.

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Keep your visitors happy

The main benefit of Native Ads is that they don’t look like a paid advertisement. Earn profit together with keeping your visitors happy by placing this non-annoying format.

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Get personal assistance

Your personal account manager will help you to generate and place advertising codes to the most income-driving website positions. Sign up now or reach us through the live chat.

Already earning with us

Cointraffic is being used by top Cryptocurrency websites as a core source of income.

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Easy steps to monetize


Add a website

Add your Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin related website to the system.


Place the ads

Choose your desktop and mobile banner formats or start publishing sponsored content.


Withdraw commission

Get your payments sent directly to the Bitcoin wallet or bank account of your choice, any time you want by request.

Frequently asked questions

Can my website be accepted?

Here at Cointraffic we try to provide the best traffic quality in the crypto niche. To keep our services reputable and professional, we will reject any low-quality website. We also do not accept websites that are non-relevant to the cryptocurrency niche. This strategy allows us to provide the highest payment rates on the market. There are thee minimum requirements in order to be accepted:

  • Your website has to be related to the cryptocurrency market.

  • Your website must ensure brand-safe content including unique and original articles as well as a user-friendly interface.

  • Your website must have a minimum unique visitor per month rate of 5,000 and above.

Is there any minimum payment requirement?

All accumulated commissions are received in euros. Payouts can be made to your BTC wallet address (€25 min payment threshold) in BTC or to your bank account in euros (minimum payment threshold is €300).

How often I am going to be paid?

You can request commissions any time you want and receive it during the next pay-out day. We send out the payments three times per week - Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

How can I track my statistics?

Cointraffic provides detailed statistics as to how each of your adposition is performing. By checking the statistics, you have an option to see the number of impressions and profits on a daily basis.

How do I earn more?

We provide multiple advertising formats that help you to monetize your Crypto or Bitcoin related website with maximum efficiency. That also includes a possibility to place several Banner Ad positions both for mobile and desktop devices. Additionally, you can also become our Press Release publisher and get paid for every article you publish.