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Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Press Release Distribution

Share your PR story on up to 150 Crypto-related websites and reach your targeted audience. Thanks to our smart Press Release constructor, only the best Publishers will be offered.

Get Started

How to launch a PR

Take advantage of our smart PR constructor which ranks all Cryptocurrency websites available for distribution according to their traffic, Press Release visibility and performance. A dedicated list of Crypto Publishers will be offered to you immediately.


Set up the targets

Create a new PR campaign then specify the budget and settings to help to generate a list of Publishers perfectly matching your PR targets.


Get the list of websites

Our smart constructor automatically generates a list of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin related websites for your PR publication, according to your settings.


Approve the Publishers

You can replace any website in the list with a new one if a particular Publisher does not meet your requirements. Once the list is confirmed, we will be ready for content creation and distribution.

Easy and fast Press Release distribution process

With content and quality at heart, our PR service is specifically designed for projects which require branding support to become distributed across the Crypto market.


Day 1. Creation

Our copywriter creates unique content based on your goals and the target audience you want to reach. If you already have a Press Release written, a professional proofread of it is provided.


Day 2-4. Distribution

We publish your Press Release on up to 150 Crypto and Bitcoin related websites, selected by you prior to publication. Your PR story will also be shared organically on social media and reposted on various media outlets.


Day 5. Reporting

A detailed report with publication links and media reach will be provided right after the distribution process has concluded. This includes all links and media reach numbers, giving you an overview of the PR campaign success.

Get your PR published on top websites

Our Publishers are leading media outlets and news websites of the Crypto and Blockchain industry. Your Press Release will draw the attention of a targeted and proactive Cryptocurrency audience.

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Why is our PR distribution service right for you?

A Press Release is a great opportunity to promote your Crypto service or product to the right audience. We are ready to distribute your company brand across our database of premier websites, which consists of 150 top Cryptocurrency media outlets.

Experienced team of PR professionals

With several years of experience in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency marketing space, we have learned how to overcome market difficulties and challenges. As such, we can provide specialized support during the Press Release distribution process. We know what the perfect marketing campaign should look like and would be happy to share this experience with you.

Different languages and geographic areas are covered

Your Press Release can be translated in up to 10 languages, including Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, German, Korean, Russian, and more. In short, language is no barrier to your publication. In fact, more languages mean better coverage, and a wide geography of your PR campaign means reaching your target Crypto audience in its native language!

Leading industry reporting and analysis capabilities

Thanks to our very own technology and in-house best practices, we can provide you with the latest campaign metrics down to the last detail. We will also update you as to how well your Press Release campaign has performed so that you can better optimize your strategy.

Sponsored articles and other content-marketing promotions

We are always open to run a special content-based campaign that will satisfy your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact our advertising team to discuss the details.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get started with a Press Release?

A PR distribution campaign can be prepared in just minutes, no matter if you already have your copy written or not. Just tell our smart constructor about your basic campaign-related information, along with your budget, and it will immediately prepare a list of Cryptocurrency websites suitable for distribution of your PR.

Do you provide writing service as well?

Yes. Our professional copywriter will prepare the first draft within 1 business day. After confirmation of the copy, we will be ready to begin the distribution process.

Where will the Press Release be published?

We work with more than 150 media and news outlets that are all related to Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin or Blockchain niche. Each distribution campaign is optimized by our Cointraffic smart constructor, meaning that it will choose only the best websites according to your needs, budget and targets.

What results can you guarantee?

We can guarantee to write and publish your Press Release copy on the pre-arranged number of Crypto-related websites. The number of views, clicks and conversions may vary depending on multiple factors, including reader interest, market, targeting, and the project itself.

How long does it take to complete the order?

The list of Publishers is prepared automatically in several clicks. Afterward, it takes up to 24 hours to prepare the first draft of your PR, 3 days for the distribution process, and 1 day to compose a final report. The whole process usually takes up to 5 business days to complete if no abnormal situation arises.